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On the Job is a series of short film portraits of city workers presented as part of an interactive website that will encourage the public to appreciate the people that keep New York City running. The films will show the human face of the frequently ignored working class of the city and push viewers to see workers as more than the roles they play in our daily routine.

The format of the website will provide an interactive platform for visitors to share their own thoughts and reflections on the people featured in the films, as well as allowing visitors

to post their own video portraits, still

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The intent of On the Job is to give voice to the voiceless by focusing on a class of people who are wholly invisible in mass media. Now more than ever, the working class needs greater appreciation in our society and media. The lives and challenges of the ordinary, everyday worker are given little or no attention, while it is upon the backbone of their labor that modern life is made possible.

By utilizing the interactive nature of the web, On the Job will engage the public to think differently about workers and to express this new perspective in a concrete format that will inspire others to do the same.

photography, artwork and writings on the subject of workers.