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A Woman Apart is a verité documentary portrait of a true vanguard of international and art cinema: editor, filmmaker, actor, programmer and provocateur Jackie Raynal. The film will portray the life and work of a bold artist whose career weaves a connecting strand between some of the most vibrant and influential filmmakers and film movements of modern cinema.

Jean-Luc Godard and Eric Rohmer. Raynal’s artistic path then led her to the experimental film group Zanzibar, where she directed a milestone of feminist cinema, the groundbreaking avant-garde film Deux Fois.

With Raynal’s arrival in New York City in the early seventies she continued to challenge convention, directing several more films while profoundly impacting the cinematic landscape of the city as a programmer at the Carnegie Hall and Bleecker Street cinemas. In this new role, she helped bring a higher level of international and art cinema to New York and was among the first to recognize the talents of up-and-coming filmmakers like Jim Jarmusch and Spike Lee. Today, Raynal continues to direct films and influence a new generation of filmmakers.

The film will follow Raynal during a retrospective of her career being presented in April 2009 at the French Institute Alliance Francaise in New York. The showcasing of films associated with Raynal will feature introductions and question and answer sessions with renowned film critics and curators such as Bruce Goldstein, Kent Jones, and Jonathan Rosenbaum. In addition to these revealing public screenings and discussions, we will see Raynal meeting with friends, such as Frederic Mitterand, Amos Poe, Eric Mitchell, Jonas Mekas, and Jim Jarmusch, as well as continuing to work on several projects, including films on Jerry Schatzberg and Eric Rohmer. Along the way, Raynal’s memories and reflections on cinema will take us back through her career, illuminating her path from Renoir to the New Wave to Zanzibar and beyond.

Through Jackie Raynal, we witness the evolution of cinema through a figure whose vision has transcended national boundaries and blazed new paths for women in filmmaking.

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Jackie Raynal: A Woman Apart will trace the life of a woman who refuses to compromise her art and who serves as an inspiration for today’s independent filmmakers. From her early days working with legendary French director Jean Renoir as a female assistant editor in a time where men dominated the industry, Raynal has always challenged the role of women in film. She went on to become deeply embedded in the French New Wave movement, editing films with visionaries like

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